An easy way to think outside the box.

Simplicity of HTML and CSS combined with hardware interactions.


Project moved from Chrome Apps to Node-webkit. Check the changelog. Changes are not backward compatible.

no coding

No advanced coding

Create your app using only basic knowledge about HTML, CSS and Arduino. Instead of learning advanced coding focus on overall experience and quickly develop results.


Fast results with CSS

Using classes is really fast technique. CSS allows you to edit project visually and how elements communicate with the device. Involt comes with UI kit to help you get started.


Easy prototyping

Boost your prototypes with hardware interactions. You don’t need to build software from scratch. What is more - same app can work both on desktop and mobile.

Prototyping without barriers

There are many tools for hardware or software prototyping. Things get complicated when both are involved. For designers it's a huge obstacle that blocks many concepts from making it to the real world. With its fresh approach, Involt is to help you on early stages of your project.

How does it work?

Involt translates CSS classes into functions. You only need to specify UI element, target pin and variables like desired values or their range.

This example code creates simple button that turns on LED.

<div class="ard button P5 value-255"> Click me </div>

For more advanced project you can use JavaScript and JQuery. You can do the same thing with Involt JQuery methods:

Read the getting started or reference page.

CSS framework with built-in hardware interactions for desktop and mobile.