Wireless prototyping is crucial for mobile projects. Currently Involt supports Bluetooth 2.0 communication with same Arduino sketch. The Bluetooth support was tested with HC-05, HC-06 and XM-15B. They are cheap and easy to setup. This chapter will not describe how to connect HC-05 or how to launch AT mode. There are many tutorials on the internet.

Remember to not use software serial - just connect to RX/TX pins (RX -> TX, TX -> RX). Arduino Leonardo/Micro requires change from Serial to Serial1 while using hardware serial pins.

Configuring the device (HC-05)

Enter the AT mode and write:

AT+UART=57600,0,0 to change speed.

AT+ROLE=0 to set as slave device.

There are many settings but I don't recommend to change them. Maybe change name to INVOLT with AT+NAME=INVOLT

To get the device address you can use AT+ADDR or check this in Involt app console (after changing to BT mode).

Configuring Involt

In your system turn On bluetooth adapter and pair the device with default 1234 password (for hc-05). The device must be paired before launching the app.

Change the isBluetooth variable to true and isSerial to false in settings.js.